Help with Inline Dataview JS

What I’m trying to do

I’m wanting to create an inline dataviewjs query to call up my daily notes, weekly notes, and quarterly notes when they are relevant.

I’m currently using Dataview queries that are working for this but can’t seem to figure out how to convert those into inline dataviewjs. I’m very much a beginning in JavaScript, but working on learning a few things a little at a time.

Here’s the Dataview Query that is currently working for my Daily Note:

 FROM "6-Daily Journal"
 WHERE = date(today) 

I’d prefer to have this show as an array, rather than a list. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I think this is what you want. In my vault I use =link("SecondBrain/Journal/daily/" + dateformat(date(now), "yyyy/MM/yyyy-MM-dd"), "Today's daily page"). This gives me a simple link [[Today’s daily page"]]

Note that I put my daily notes in a year/month folder in my journal/daily folder. And yes, my top level directory is “SecondBrain”.