Help with importing notes from phone + few other questions

So I take a lot of small notes. Like ten notes/ideas every day. These notes are mainly on my phones notepad or in a whatsapp chat I have with myself. I want to bring these notes (or at least the best ones) to obsidian. How should I approach this to get the use out of the linking?

also three questions about obsidian:

  1. I have a word with link, lets say “octopus” and i want to use the plural word “octopi” in a sentence. How can I link the plurar word to octopus? This is more relevant as my native language isn’t english and most of the words when conjucated morph into something slightly different.
  2. Is there a feature for something like “automatic linking” - you know if I use the word “reneissance” a lot of times without actively linking could the feature link it automatically for me. I think this would be helpful with finding links between my scattered notes.
  3. This is for future notetaking. Is there a feature that adds a link or a tag with the date of creation to the new note? I think it would be interesting to see which notes were taken simultaneously. Also if the feature could add a tag everytime I edit the file on a different date - that would be great as well.

Thank you so much in advance!!

You can share files and text to Obsidian via the system Share menu.

If this is something you plan to do regularly, you may want to write your notes in an app that can save Markdown files to your vault so you don’t have to keep exporting.

You can change the link display text. If it’s a word you’ll use often, you can setup an alias that will appear in link autocomplete suggestions.

I think there’s a plugin for that (it may affect the apps performance). Or you could use the “unlinked mentions” feature in the backlinks tab to review mentions of the current note that you might want to link.

The Update Time On Edit plugin that can add these as properties. I don’t think there is one that will add it to the note body, but you could do it manually with a template or the Natural Language Dates plugin.

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