Help with implementation of alias

Things I have tried:

Reading and searching the forums.

I have read, searched and still confused how to go about creating and using aliases. I know it would be an enormous help. Please bare with me here, as I am a slow learner.

I will use a simple word for the purpose of thought here:

What I’m trying to do:

Implement aliases in my workflow.


  • [[test]] could have many forms
  • [[tests]]
  • [[testing]] etc.

My question, if I want all variations of [[test]] to be linked to [[test]] and to not have many other variations of their own source, but directly linked to [[test]], how do you accomplish this?

Help with this would be greatly appreciated,

  1. Create note called test
  2. Add frontmatter (MUST be at the very top of
aliases: ["tests", "testing"]
  1. Go to any other note
  2. Start typing [[test and you should see several options all pointing back to

Thank you @dddave. I assume then, all variations of the word must be shown in the frontmatter section of the file to be the alias, as to be available in all the said variations for the reference links.

I got the rest figured out and answered my follow up question.

Thanks again @dddave

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