Help with getting rid of markdown while I type

I’m trying to move from Notion to Obsidian (because of local files), but finding it a bit tricky. One thing I want to do is not see markdown while I’m typing. I’ve tried a bunch of snippets (clutter, obsidian, WYSIWYG), but none of them work. A test snippet from another thread ( title of the note ) did work, so I’m doing something right.

Can anyone provide a step-by-step on how to set up Obsidian so I can write without seeing markup? Thanks!

Ah, I see that the markdown disappears when I go to the next line.

But here’s another issue/question. Let’s say I want to type “I know this” and I want “this” to be italicized:

When I hit return, whether or not I “close” the italics, I get some asterisks on the next line. The cursor is always sitting in front of the end asterisk, thereby pushing it to the next line. As I continue to bold or italicize I collect more and more stray asterisks at the cursor. Is this normal?

That doesn’t seem normal, but there might be a straightforward explanation. Can you show a gif or screenshare of it happening? Or at the very least, copy/paste an example of some text that is causing that issue.

Also what version of Obsidian, and what OS?

WYSIWYG is a feature that is coming soon. It will be a way to edit without seeing Markdown syntax. Right now there is no built-in Obsidian option to hide Markdown syntax while editing. (I haven’t personally tried any community plugin solution.)

Here I am typing a line with bold. You can’t see it, but the cursor is right after the “d”.
I’ve closed bold and continued typing:
You can see that there are a bunch of stray asterisks. If I hit return they’ll end up on the next line. I’ve turned off all snippets and community plug-ins.

I’m running Ob on Windows 10, latest version: V0.12.15 (installer version: v0.9.15) – not sure what installer version means.

Thanks for your help!

First, try downloading a new installer, your Electron version is currently outdated.

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Ok, updated, but same problem

Does this also happen in the Help vault?

In Settings, Editor, turn off Auto Pair Brackets. Not sure that is the problem. But good place to start.

Could you be running something like AutoHotKey that would be interpreting keystrokes? It just sounds like a third party issue.

Yes it is.

Obsidandnancy: Tried that: didn’t have any effect. Not running Autohotkey or anything similar. I just did an uninstall (including registry and appdata files with an uninstaller) and reinstalled. Same issue.

Thanks for everyone’s help. I might let this sit a bit and wait for the WYSIWYG version, unless someone has any other ideas.

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