Help with embedding images in a Dataview Table

Hi, I was wondering if someone knows how to properly embed the images.

This is the code:

nonnull([0] as Project, 
rows.OpenTasks.text as "Open Tasks", 
nonnull(rows.Urgency)[0] as Urgency, 
nonnull(rows.DueDate)[0] as Date,
nonnull(rows.Responsible)[0] + "<br>" + nonnull(rows.Department)[0] as "Responsibel and Department",
embed(link(meta(CoverImg).path, "125")) as ""

FROM "Projects"
WHERE file != this.file
WHERE Completed = False and Limbo = False 

FLATTEN file.inlinks.file.tasks as AllProjectTasks
FLATTEN filter(AllProjectTasks, (task) => !task.completed) as OpenTasks

group by

I have tried many different combinations of rows. but none of them work. The image I want to embed is linked to in the property named “CoverImg”.

If I don’t add any rows. the error is:

  • No implementation of ‘meta’ found for arguments: null

If I add rows. (like this: embed(link(rows.meta(CoverImg).path, "125")) as "" the error is:

  • Cannot call type ‘array’ as a function

I believe the embedding should be possible because it works when I don’t use group by. There is some combination of rows. and maybe nonnull that I’m not aware of.

If anyone knows how to do that it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile: