Help with Dataview query for community plugin "update time on edit"


I have found this nice plugin that lets you (theoretically) show the last n edited notes.

I just haven’t found any examples for Dataview to merely sort by time. And how to create the order based on a certain time format.

Could you maybe help me with a query for dataview that shows a list of the last edited files beginning with the newest?

Thank you very much!

I guess the mentioned plugin is intended to “write” in the file the updated values (why? because modified time is a dynamic value).

If you want just a dynamic list of the last edit files you can use:

  • table
TABLE file.mtime AS "last edition"
FROM "your/folder/path"
SORT file.mtime DESC
  • list
FROM "your/folder/path"
SORT file.mtime DESC

FROM "your/folder/path" - if you want to define a specific folder as source, write the folder path; if for all vault, remove this expression.

If you want to define a number (a limit) of the outputted results, use something similar to LIMIT 10 (for 10 results) at the end of the query.

Last note - but the most important -, read the plugin documentation.

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