Help when taking note about program

Hi I’m taking note about CLI command in linux, so I create some specific callout for this, so every switch of the program has it’s own callout with and explanation. But some programs have more important switch (option) than others, so I want to have some kind of summary or highlight of this switch. I tried to show a ![[note^paragraph]] but it seems that every time I change the file the link breaks.
So I’m looking for any option, ideas, plugins. for this.
What do you do this?
Some plugin comments?
A new callout for this switch? (I’m trying to avoid this one)
Something else?

What breaks? I can’t tell from your example.

In your ![[note^paragraph]] example, are you changing “note” or “paragraph”?

When you say “every time I change the file”, what do you mean? What specifically are you changing?

Sorry for the delay, when i use ![[note^paragraph]] it show me a parragrph, but when i change something in the file, add more text, for exaple the ![[note^paragraph]] shows me error and if I try to create the link again the number after de ^ if different from the original link. So this doesn’t work for me.

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