[Help] What's the difference between these two lists?

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What I’m trying to do

So it has been bothering me the whole morning what’s the difference between the two different types of lists (bullet) and (hyphen) in the screenshot above. I understand the default lists are supposed to be what the bulleted list is like now. Is the hyphen list what we would call a nested list?

I am just trying to find out if the hyphen list is an intended behaviour and if there’s a specific term for such a list.

Things I have tried

I have tried searching “indentation”, “hyphenated”, “bullet”, “lists” in various combinations and also searched the Help documents.

The second list is within a code block: you can see the different font style.

The reason is: you have separated the child elements from the parent with an empty line and you have tabbed out twice.

If you want the list to display correctly, just reduce the tab level of the child elements in the second list by one level.

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thanks @stef.rausch!
I recreated the lists and I’m still seeing the same hyphenated lists with more vertical lines.
Does “tabbing twice” create a new kind of lists?

As stated before, tabbing twice in your case does start a code block.

Obsidian still recognises that you are working with a list and hence supports the expansion of it. But it is not a new list in the traditional sense, and it follows the block code rules. Hence, it does not combine all list elements into one big list in the preview mode.

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