Help w/ Tracker Plugin and tasks with wikilinks

What I’m trying to do

I want to Track tasks in my daily notes that have wiki links inside them, but the Tracker Plugin doesn’t appear to be able to do this.

Things I have tried

The task I want to track looks like this

  • [[MorningRoutine]]

MorningRoutine is a file that contains a list that I must follow to check it, so it makes sense to have it linked in the task itself.

I have tried giving the task content simply as it appears in the file has follows:

searchType: task.done
searchTarget: [[MorningRoutine]]

But I get the ‘No valid date as X value found in notes’ that doesn’t make sense because my daily notes have a heading in the correct format and when you change the task to another one that doesn’t have a wikilink, it tracks it with no problem.

I have also tried:

searchType: task.done
searchTarget: '[[MorningRoutine]]'

I get the ‘No valid Y value found in notes’

and finally I tried

searchType: text
searchTarget: '- [x] [[MorningRoutine]]'

But got the same last error.

For now, I think my only option is to not have the notes linked inside my tasks…

Also, I have other tasks with links (the [link](actual link) format) and they also don’t seam to work :confused:

Just a long shot, but does it work with just “MorningRoutine”?

It should right?! That was my previous setup before I added the wikilink. Sadly it doesn’t work :slightly_frowning_face:

Couldn’t get it to work, even by adding plain text to the task field. I managed to find a hack to make the task parsable by obsidian-tracker, obsidian-tasks and contain a wikilink by hiding the link between two task emoji metadata markers:
- [ ] Practice Drawing 🔽 ([[goals#Drawing|x]]) 🔽

Tracker will successful match this task for searchTarget: "Practice Drawing"

Adding another marker at the end is required for obisidan-tasks to properly parse the task too, but you don’t need it just to get obsidian-tracker to work. I recommend using the priority markers since adding dates you don’t want is more likely to mess up task retrieval, although I also considered using a “scheduled date” instead.

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