Help vault in Light mode!

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Use case or problem

Is there a now a possibility of having a setting in the Help Vault for constant Light mode. Better (more preferred?) reader ability, not to mention when printing out a searched section.

Proposed solution

UI setting to accomplish Open in Light mode.

Current workaround (optional)

None that I know of.

Related feature requests (optional)



Never understood the white text on black background. Neither for code, nor for text. For few minutes it is fine and it does look nice but for work it is extremely tiring on the eyes.

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Hey, any news in this regard? I really hate dark themes.

Moreover, this is very non-intuitive and frustrating: why options are even there in the help vault, if they are silently overwritten every time? I can only guess how many people like me spent a good chunk of their time to customize settings in the help vault only to see them wiped without any prior notice.

Yep, I’d also like a help vault in light mode.

Regarding the auto-resetting: I quite like it, because it allows to reproduce bugs for reporting from a clean slate.

I recommend you simply copy the help vault Obsidian comes with to another place, so you can edit it to your heart’s content.

To find where your help vault is hidden, just select Open another vault. Under Obsidian Help, you’ll see the path for your help vault (mine is at ~/.config/obsidian/Obsidian Help).

Copy the complete folder somewhere else, open it and voilà! An Obsidian Help vault with all your changes! (Light mode!) It’s only 1.1 MB in size, so the wasted space can be neglected.

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Thanks! A nice workaround.

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