Help to create a note from a link

Hi there,
I am just starting with Obsidian and I feel a bit stupid to ask this question. I am using the windows version and did use the [link] to create a purple link in an existing note. I thought all I need to do is to hit ALT-ENTER when the cursor is on that link to create a new note named “link” but nothing happens when I press ALT-ENTER. What do I miss here?

Have you checked your hotkeys? I sometimes get this bug as well where alt-enter doesn’t open the note. You can try changing the hotkey for it and trying again?

Is your cursor inside the link or at the edge of it?

I’m moving this to “Resolved help” since there hasn’t been no replies for 3 days. Let me know if you have further questions, in which case we can move it back.

Thanks for understanding!