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Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx
Can’t figure out how to see what the version really is, sorry!

ok stupid new user question. Go easy this is the FIRST thing I’ve been willing to use iCloud for at all. I do not use iCloud for anything at all on my Mac or iPad at all.

Got the beta, downloaded onto my iPad, opened the app, got a message to create a vault, I created a test vault. Go to my Mac, nothing in the iCloud drive on the mac. No Obsidian folder at all. Go to iCloud via web browser, see the Obsidian folder there. Try to upload my test vault I had already created on the mac by trying to upload the folder that is the vault to the Obsidian folder on the iCloud drive and get a message that “Only files that can be opened by Obsidian can be uploaded here.” Tried to upload the contents of the vault folder and same error message. Stumped as to what to do now. As I said I do not use iCloud so totally clueless here. I htought I was exactly following the instructions on the Obsidian Web Site but there were things that happened that the instructions did not discuss, like the mobile app asking to create a vault. I think the instructions assume the user has used iCloud and knows how it all works and I don’t.

So Can someone provide a complete step by step with all options explained list of how to get a vault that will sync via iCloud on my iPad and Mac?

Make sure you’ve enabled iCloud drive (you can be picky about what is shared and what isn’t) on your mac: Set up iCloud Drive - Apple Support

I did have it enabled. I ended up giving up on using iCloud drive at all.

Instead I manually drag my Obsidian Vault folder onto the iOS devices in the files section under the Obsidian folder. If I make changes I drag it back out of the iOS device onto my main computer when I get back to home base.

Advantage is no cloud required, I am in total control of my data.

Disadvantage I could get out of sync and it’s a bit of a hassle to remember todrag a clean copy from the last machine I worked on to all locations.

But it’s working.

I’m having this same issue. Dragging from finder onto iClouddrive.com in the obsidian folder, no markdown file will upload. I get that same error message with iCloud drive fully enabled. “ Only files that can be opened by Obsidian can be uploaded here.”

I can also drop files into the Obsidian iCloud folder on iOS within the files app and that works, I guess that’s the same as what you’re doing. What a hassle though to sync that way, that’s not really gonna work for me. Are you on Mojave on Mac by chance?

Download the newest binary for mac from the website and install it, that should fix it. Otherwise, copy paste or mv in the terminal work.

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