Help regarding folder structuring

Hello, I am a student who wants to upgrade his knowledge in his academic field through the use of Obsidian app.
I know that obsidian is a note taking app and not a book writing app, but I find the backlinking, memmorizing features and quick writing features to be very appealing. So I wanted to use it as a tool to concise my academic book from which I can also memorize. (So basically, I wanted to write a summarized/consised version of the academic text book such that only relevant info is written that is useful and can be memorised along with extra notes to dwelve deeper into a particular topic that requires extra info). This requires that all of the book’s index structure be same as that from which i am writing so that chapter wise the knowledge can be memorised.

Keep in mind that I am familiar with the organisation structure of applications like MS Word, One Note etc. which makes sense in the context of BookWriting. Because, say I wanted to write the first page of my book, I would just create Page 1 in word/onenote. Cant this process be replicated in Obsidian somehow?

From what I found out, it seems that obsidian doesnt create notes as per Page nos, so how to replicate the organisation of some tradittional writing apps?

Isn’t this just naming file names so each note corresponds to a specific chapter in the folder where the notes reside?

I didnt get it. Can you please elaborate. I am fairly new and beginner. Apologies.

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