Help please :(, i accidently update Obsidian from 1.3.2 (69) / API v0.15.9 to 1.4.2 then everything is a mess now. Can someone help me please?

please help me :(, i’m very serious. Just a moment ago, i accidently update Obsidian from 1.3.2 then everything is a mess now. Before, how perfect and beautiful with all my set up after a lot of time spending to customize it, now is become a mess in 1.4.2. I’m really hate it, i’m SO SAD now.

Can someone upload me a file .ipa of exactly 1.3.2 (69) / API v0.15.9 ios version PLEASE ?
So then i can use trollstore to reinstall it on my ipad and get my beautiful vault back ? PLEASE i’m dead serious.
What a bad day.
I’m still have 1.3.2 on my iphone. Can i somehow transfer that to my ipad ?

Hi guy, sorry for my little freak out right there. I’m just fixing my messup myseft by doing this “work around”. I would like to share it now, maybe someone need this solution just in case.
Let pretent that you use Obsidian from the early release. After a long time, you finish set up your perfect vault. From workflow to the look, everything just perfect to the point you need no more. 1.3.2 is enough.
After 1.3.2, it’s a huge UI overhaul that can make everything messing up. You don’t want that, but you accidently update your Obsidian. Now, HOW TO FIX THIS MESS ?

  • First, if you lucky enougn, you have your iOs OR ipados device at os 15.4.1 or bellow. This allow to use trollstore to install 2 essential app for this workaround. It’s called “Appstore++” & “App manager”
  • “App manager” can be use to backup your Obsidian 1.3.2 data WHILE your still use 1.3.2.
  • Then you messing up. Now, use “Appstore++” (trollstore version), find Obsidian in the list, hold the touch then tap “Upgrade/Downgrade”. It’s gonna show you a list of OLD version. Then tap that desire version then BUUM, faceID secure pop out then your ROLLING BACK TIME to that exact version you want.
  • After the rollback, you can use “App Manager” or any way you want to push your old data back, just like before.
    FEWWW, i thought today was bad. Not quite like that anymore. I’m glad this work.

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