Help! One of my notes turned to blank characters

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to get my text back, I use obsidian for comic plot planning, and my multiple page lore bible I was working on turned into blank characters when my power went out, briefly. Is there any way to fix this?

Things I have tried

I have not seen anything about this in the help docs-- I tried the basics (Checking my files, attemping to undo, closing and reopening, etc.) I have no clue what happened.

Check Settings > Core Plugins > File recovery > Snapshots -> View and type the name of the note. Hopefully there will be a good version in there. :crossed_fingers:

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Seems to be a font rendering issue, try different, more conservative, simple fonts to see if it fixes your text.

Thank you so so much T_T You just saved me from hours of retyping

Great! Now is the time to set up a backup solution. Automatic (software to do it for you on a schedule) or manual (copying your vault folder to an external drive once a week and renaming it VAULT-2023-09-12); something is better than nothing!

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