Help me workshop Obsidian - setting up for success

Hello there!

I’m a recent Obsidian user and I’m about to start a 12 week online training program.

My main tool will be obsidian and I’m wanting to do a final pass on my environment and I want someone to tell me what I’ve done is dumb or there is a better method!

I’m hoping we can sit in voice comms over discord for a hour or two to give it a stamp of approval!

Mostly in the domain of settings, features, addons and use cases!

Feel free to get in touch on discord Battle_wrath#2926, I’m in the official Obsidian discord server.

Interesting idea. You might consider doing a write up of your settings, plugins, system setup, etc to share with the forum. If anything, it might help you get a clearer picture of your goals while creating a useful snapshot for the future. I imagine this will be a constantly evolving process.

Good luck!

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