Help me understand how the QuickAdd and templater interacts

I just sketched this little diagram of how I think they both interact:

Is this correct? At first I was a bit confused that doing anything with quickadd was letting me also use templater templates, but I think this is the way how they interact.

However, there is still one scenario that I don’t understand.
Templater has the option of being notified when a template gets created and you can configure it to apply a default template to that newly created file. I have a base template, that should match all the files (the path is set to /). However, when QuickAdd creates a new file with templater sections on it, templater, correctly, only expands those sections, it does not apply the default template to the newly created file.
Why this works correctly? What I’m missing?

I don’t know — the documentation doesn’t say. Template | QuickAdd

If you don’t get an answer here, maybe post the question as an issue on the QuickAdd’s GitHub.

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