Help: I.m not receveing insider builds

Things I have tried

Setting toggle for “Receive insider builds” in “Settings>About”.

What I’m trying to do

I can not install anything other than the latest general release (currently V0.12.19, installer version v0.9.11).

I believe I used to automatically get the latest insider builds. I haven’t changed any settings - other than retrying the toggle and closing/opening the app.

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download and reinstall obsidian.

I kind of thought that would be the suggestion; BRS!

I’ll give it ago.

in addition
insider builds are currently only available for desktop app I assume.
Because in my android app there is no button to activate insider builds.

There are insider builds for mobile. Can’t remember whether they’re currently ahead of public or not. Instructions on the Insider Mobile channel on Discord.

Download and reinstall obsidian worked. The installer version went to v0.12.19 from 0.9.11. A bit of a clunky way to stay up to date. Thank you for the suggestion.

we had a change in the insider build update system and it requires a newer installer version.

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