Help files are way behind current releases

One issue that arises with the incredible pace of updating by the amazing Obsidian devs (thanks again) is that the help files are pretty far behind in descriptions of the new features. There are quite a few things in the app now that are not addressed in the help files (yes I check the online version, very nice layout there).
One issue that has arisen with the very active and helpful Obsidian community is that the number of forum and discord posts has exploded. This means search for information on a topic becomes more and more difficult to turn up the helpful posts in a blizzard of questions etc.

With that off my chest - can anyone point out some simple explanations of:

  1. The new stored Theme functionality in settings? I have “none” in the drop down box and no idea how one would change that or what the implications might be.
  2. CSS snippets ? Again that shows nothing except where they would be stored. I assume there is some functionality where you can store snippets and select what you want? Is there a storehouse where snippets exist (besides scrolling long forum posts?)
  1. I see posts referencing the ability to embed searches in notes - are there any simple discussions of how that works out there.

To reiterate - please don’t take as criticism. The devs, mods, and community participants here are awesome. There is however a developing feeling on my part that there is an assumption that users will have an advanced understanding of the tools that are used in coding.


Thanks! We should really work on that.

There has been kind pull requests to our docs repository and we’re slow in publishing and bundling them. Will try to keep it up to date!

Example of the current CSS documentation which was not included in the app or in the published site–our fault!