[HELP] Fairly new user to Obsidian, hear me out :P

I am fairly new here, I did try it back in June, but couldn’t get it into my workflow. I used to study on iPad mostly and wanted to have ANKI for SRS.

Since, there is a script that can convert my notes to ANKI, I wanted to shift to Obsidian.

Earlier, I used to directly enter notes into ANKI, but it made me difficult to put a erspective to the facts I was learning.Then I moved to notion, which had a script too for converting my notes to ANKI but it was a hassle needing to download my pages and uploading to a website that did the conversion. There was always a change of missing a page or two. Pro was to have notes synced everywhere, irrespective of where I study.

I need to weave the things together to prepare for my exams. I liked the idea of atomic and small notes, but when it comes to writing answers, I have to recall everything related to a particular thing which makes me wonder if I have to write long notes or just [[ ]] every small things together? And again, how to keep notes – in QA format or hierarchical bullets or paragraphs. I am getting confused. I have already wasted a lot of time!

So here is what I wanted to ask:

  1. What is/will be your workflow for taking notes from readings and having a SRS?
  2. Suggestions for my possible workflow?
  3. Any cross platform hack? (PC, Android, IOS)
  4. Good way to make ANKI notes in Obsidian.

Pardon me to be this direct, I am really very tired of searching for ‘the’ way.

Ok, I see that you want a flashcard system.

Workflow: Start with a template format for each reading for some frame of reference and write out your own words in a “note” for various sections of the reading.

  • Do not worry about formatting yet, just raw text as ideas or thoughts come up.
  • Breaking them up with headings for each logical section"# Heading1", “## Heading2”, “### Heading3” for each logical heading.
  • Above each heading add a “—”: In the core plugins there is “Slides” you can break-up notes with “—” and it will constrain each slide to between them.
  • You may want these rather short.

You can always make a note to contain these various notes and imbed them with ![[FileName.md#Heading1]] You will need the “Files and Links” set to “Use Wikilinks” for section references to work rather than an entire note like with markdown “![Note Name](FileName.md)” but block references can be made with “^”.

The help file with all the options listed may be necessary to get the functionality you want between Wiki / Markdown / Zettel methods.

I tend to add tags like “Hub” for a collection of links in a given note. You could make something similar tagged as “ANKI”.

You can still lean on most forms of text editors.

My best shot at it for now.