Help: CSS Menu (inside notes) works but breaks list indents in entire vault (SOLVED!)

SOLVED! see working menu here !

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Menu (4.0 KB)
menu1.css (2.6 KB)

Hi all!

I have this CSS Menu to use inside notes in Obsidian. I made a class .menu1 for it and put the whole works into a cssfile called…Menu1.css And it works…BUT the CSS below prevents indenting lists in the entire vault, somehow.

I do know that both body and html (the first few lines of the css file) should be preceded by .menu1 to have the lists “behave” again. But that breaks the working of the menu entirely.

Would any of you know, how I can have a working menu AND normal behaving list indents? (bewerkt)

I believe that the cssclass for the file might not exist all the way out to html and body, but would apply to some element inside body. If you look in the developer console Elements tab can you find where menu1 is put on the HTML after you put it on your file’s cssclass?

@sailKite found the culprits! It is working now!

I have posted the working menu + CSS file/snippet here

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