Help a brother out

Unique Case?:

So I got Obsidian to reel-in this juggernaut of a project, where its sum has clearly grown greater than its parts.

It’s a case-study consisting of 10k words, where I have to prove particular schematics as investment worthy.

It’s a 4 act style told in a “one toddler step forward, two baby steps back” manner. The first half utilizes past examples, 2nd half takes those lessons and builds new proposal right in front of them. (Showing, not telling)

Every new point made is born from previously well anchored threads. Thickening the narrative from twine, to thread, to string, to rope, to cable, to fiber optic… and then the finale paints the picture of wifi, and in a sudden ballsy move, graduates that to an analogous of 5g.

But I’ve grown admittedly insecure about steering the ship, due to a naive loyalty to my ancient tools not cutting it anymore (windows rtf files)… and that’s why I need Obsidians help. To carve a path for the hidden bomb lines that make the most undeniably profound statements.


There are 930 files across 65 folders. With 8 individual themes and 8 repeating inception words. The folders are what I guess you would call “Mocs” or “emergence levels 3-4”.

Folders rep topics, and the files are their nuances, where many MANY cross-references justify their inclusion.

The inception-words graduate to more sophisticated synonyms as it goes, which I need to keep track of.

What kind of help?

Figuring an efficient relationship between my mnemonic devices to Obsidians native tongue. I seek clarity before continuing the rest of copy/paste commitment.

How does the Target draw the arrow?

Which variables do you think call for which features?
-colors (groups?)
-tags vs NestedTags
-Outgoing links from backlinks
-Outline Usage
-*Missing any?


“Titles = Links, CallBacks = Tags, Notes-to-self = Colors, Citations = footnotes, Outlines = Folders” etc…but it doesn’t feel like I’m utilizing their max potential in combo well.

Niche conundrums:

I have been dragging the original file icon (once copied) over to its doppelganger Obsidian twin, placing it at the very top (first line) and it makes an auto-link to open back to the original RTF file. Though I’m not sure the value of this beyond that, as it’s also creating a reaction in the graph, which seems to aid in the “UNlinked mentions” effect…but I’m weary of this growing messy?

Converting Inquiry :

When copy/pasting, blurbs (blocks) that were originally separated by a space come through touching? So appears as one long ass scroll, forcing me to manually find the intended breaks and hit enter again? Oy vey😬


“Select All” in the original source and adjust something from there before moving to Obsidian, but to no avail.

Tag Nuances:

So to be clear, hash-tagging a word more than once is redundant because it activates the search in general, across entire vault?

Seems “Unlinked Mentions” already takes care of titles being tagged in a sense, that means it’s redundant to tag that particular word again?

Best rule of thumb for nested tags for this particular case? (tremendous amount of fine threaded call-backs/cross-references)

Graph Nuances:

Best use of Graph would be, trying to make triangles? (ZigZagging to a point, via topics once removed?)

Why when using the minus strategy in the filter, do some disappear that are not of that filtered word? Color use reveals the same effect, I assigned green to “CB” files (every folder has this marker), which I thought was regarding titles only, but then other titles (not CB’s) light up green as well?

Does placing a file in sub-folders effect its appearance in the graph?

Indivual notes have unique graph options, wow… how to leverage this?


I did some testing about nested links using the forward slash, and something saved and now every time I go to link (e.g. “screen”) it has those “0/attachments/screen” nestings about them?


…also, I had 2 separate vaults, but I moved the smaller one in original system folder over into the bigger ones system folder, and it seems to work just fine, opens flawlessly, shows up in the graph, etc…read a bunch of “bewares” about this topic though, so not sure if I’m near any egg shells.

Long-term desire from Obsidian:

To cultivate a more synaptic lifestyle outside of Obsidian…and maybe make a friend or 2, thanks for reading :wink:

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