Headings in files having the same color as the folder

Hi Community!

I know there some plugins and themes out there that provide that you can assign a color to a folder. And I know that one can create custom CSS snippets to change the colors of the headers in your files, like

h1 {
  color: red;

I wonder if there is a plugin or another possibility to combine these features? So for example if a had a folder called “personal” and assign it the color red, I’d like that all files in this folder have headings in shades of red. And if i had another folder called “business” and asigned the color blue to it, id like the notes to have blueish headings. That would be great to see fast in which folder the current note is located: If I had to files called “birthdays” for example, one in “personal” and one in “business” one would be rendered with red headings the other one with blue headings.

Any suggestions? Or is this a feature/plugin request?

Thanks in advance

Maybe the plugins auto class.

It allows to assign automatically a css class based on their path, so you could create the class .business h1 { color: blue } and assign the business class for the folder !


Uh, nice! That is more or less exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks a lot @Mara-Li :smile:

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