Heading size smaller in link preview

When viewing the link preview I noticed that the heading size gets reduced by one order, for example in the image H4 is shown as if it was H5 size and H5 appers even smaller than normal text.

before posting bugs, you need to try the default css. Have you?
That being said, I don’t necessarily think this is undesirable behaviour.

Thanks for the suggestion. I already tested on the default css but it’s the same.

I agree with @WhiteNoise that this doesn’t seem undesireable.

With that said, I’m not seeing what you’re seeing in the default css.

I don’t know where documentation exists for creating custom.css files, but by looking at obsdn dark rmx, I would guess it is set somewhere via .markdown-embed or internal-embed - perhaps a scaling factor.

Troll on through your obsidian.css and you may be able to adjust that setting.

EDIT: Untitled and Untitled 1 have the same contents in the example above.

This reduction in heading size only happens when you hover the mouse over the link, i.e. you use the notation [[link]]. When you embed the link making it visible (with the notation ![[link]]) the reduction in doesn’t appear.