Header(#) doesn't toggle after using angle bracket(<>)

while taking notes i have come to an issue of not being able to create a heading after using angle brackets can some one help me ?

Can you paste an example here? Put it in between triple quotes

<> # example

But it sounds like this is just how Markdown works. Your angle brackets are probably opening up html tags, and Markdown doesn’t format inside html. See this very recent thread: Using callout in HTML block won't render it - #5 by CawlinTeffid

But if you show an example, maybe there is a workaround.

I could repro this.


# heading

As @rigmarole said, # heading is recognized as the content of the <a> HTML tag.

The only workaround I’ve come up with is to enclose <a> with backticks, but it doesn’t sound appealing…

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this is an example similar to what i have.

Can you explain what it is you’re trying to do? The example doesn’t show that.

  • If you are trying to use html, close the tag before the header.
  • If you are just trying to highlight things with brackets as a notation, you could use escaping backslashes (prevents the tag) or backticks (turns it into pre-formatted):
# Test

# Test

i was using it to show that there should be put an name of something from the type of the one written inside of the brackets (/<directory>/<directory>/…/<filename> → c:/python34/lib/os.py ). using backslash fixed it thankyou for your time.

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