Having 2 Obsidian instances and Publish plugin just in one of them

I am using Obsidian for over a year for personal stuff. Due to privacy concerns I am not using Obsidian Sync instead and sync by Syncthing. So far, so good.

Now I create a 2nd vault with some stuff I want to share online, and for that I want to use Obsidian Publish.

The point is that I really want to compartmentalize: in one side my vault with personal stuff and the 2nd vault with the website pages. As the Publish plugin is a Obsidian instance level I am not ok just having two vaults, I would like to run two different obsidian instances, and having the Publish plugin enable just in one of them. But I don’t think we can run two Obsidian instances in Ubuntu.

I want to avoid that due to a bug or me by mistake upload content from the personal vault.

Is there any workaround? or any other approach for this?

plugins, including publish are per vault (not shared among vaults). If you enable it on one one vault is not going to be enabled in another vault.

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