Have file switcher show last visited file first instead of current file

In the File Switcher command (Cmd/Ctrl+O default) it has the current file as the first item in the list. Instead can it show the most recent previous file? So if I was in file “A.md”, then went to “B.md”, if I hit Cmd+O instead of showing “B.md” first it would show “A.md” instead.


I would really like to see this as well. It would allow for very fast switches between two notes.
Which can be very handy if you’re working on a screen which doesn’t have so much space that you can comfortably display two notes at the same time.
Or if you just quickly searched something and then want to go back to your previous note.


related feature request: Ctrl+Tab to "Focus on last active pane"
(functionality having the same effect as described by Nebucatnetzer, but triggered by one dedicated hotkey)