Have every line to start with a bullet point by default?

What I’m trying to do

I’d like for every line to start with bullet point by default, instead of having to insert “-” first.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried using the Outliner plugin, searched for other plugins, as well as any video tutorials, and in the forum too. No luck as of yet, maybe I am missing something?

Thank you for any help!

Is Settings > Editor > “Smart indent lists” turned on? (I believe it’s on by default.) Despite the name it also controls whether list markers are automatically added when you press Return at the end of a list item.

it is turned on and it works after i initialize a list; my issue is that i want to be able to avoid that initialization and just have bullets on by default

OK. When you tried Outliner, did you check its settings for an option to always start with a bullet? (Sorry to ask kind of basic questions.)

no worries; unfortunately not an option with Outliner

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