Has anyone wished to work around the restriction in certain symbols in Obsidian titles?

What I’m trying to do

I want to be able to use more symbols in obsidian notes titles like “:”, “/“, “?”, and so on.

Things I have tried

I usually have to write the title in a way I don’t like, like using periods or dashes. Maybe there is a plug-in for this but I feel like it should be default native behavior. It just does not seem very usable in my opinion to restrict such common symbols in notes titles.

Notes are files on your computer, and you can’t name files that way (depending on your filesystem). That simple local structure is one of the most foundational features of Obsidian. And it’s also a fantastic way to be able to edit your notes externally from any program that can edit text.

What I suggest is turn off Appearance → “Show inline title”, and then write your own H1 at the top. Then you can have whatever title you want.


Another solution is to use frontmatter title plugin and set the display name with frontmatter


What do you mean❔

- What do you mean?
(Note the emoji question mark used in the title)

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