Hanging indent

Use case or problem

I like to sometimes write paragraphs as a sequence of lines with one sentence per line.

I also like using a readable line length with line wrap and zooming interface until that readable line length just about touches both sides of a single open pane with both left and right side panes collapsed.

This means that a long sentence may end up filling multiple lines. This layout makes it especially hard to pick out which lines are the start of a sentence when I am writing in pure lowercase, or uppercase.

Part of the reason I like starting sentences on new lines is to easily find sentence starts. It is also one step out of the way if I am going to outline it later, and frees me from having to use periods which helps if they are links down the line. It is also helpful to make the sentence length obvious and let the patterns speak visually before comprehension, which helps develop a connection and memory at future return.

Proposed solution

If there was a setting for hanging indent, this problem would be solved.

Current workaround (optional)

I sometimes will just add a single empty line between sentences of the same paragraph and 2 or 4 empty lines between lines of separate paragraphs, with 4 empties reserved for new chapter, or where images or additional paragraphs are required upon return.