Handwritten notes in Obsidian: my favorite workflow

Small demo of using FileOrganizer 2000 + Apple Shortcut to easily get my handwritten notes into Obsidian.

For the people curious about how it works :arrow_down:

How It Works

The FileOrganizer plugin is designed to automatically organize your files in Obsidian. Here’s a simplified overview of its workflow:

  1. Folder Monitoring: The plugin watches a specific folder in your Obsidian vault, as defined in the settings. Any new or renamed files in this folder trigger the plugin’s processing workflow.

  2. File Detection: When a new or renamed file is detected, the plugin identifies the file type. For example, it can distinguish between markdown, audio, and image files.

  3. File Transformation: Depending on the file type, the plugin processes the file using AI:

  • For an image file, the AI generates a description of the image. This description is then used to create a markdown file that includes a link to the image.
  1. Renaming and Moving: The plugin generates a human-readable name for the processed file. It then determines the appropriate destination folder for the file based on its content and moves the file to that folder.

For example, if you add an image file to the watched folder, the plugin will generate a description of the image, create a markdown file with that description and a link to the image, give the markdown file a human-readable name, and move it to the appropriate folder in your Obsidian vault.

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