Handling of duplicate results in unlinked mentions due to Aliases

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I finally figured out why I was getting duplicate results with unlinked mentions, and it’s because I have aliases.

Let’s say I title my person notes, last name first. E.g. Lincoln, Abraham.

I have aliases for “Abraham Lincoln” and “Lincoln” as “Lincoln” is often cited w/o his first name. Every reference to “Abraham Lincoln” brings up a duplicate result: one for “Abraham Lincoln” and then again for the Lincoln part of Abraham “Lincoln”…

Even if I don’t use last name first, and just have “Abraham Lincoln” as the note title and “Lincoln” as the alias, you’d still get duplicate results.

Is there a way to omit those duplicate results if they are in fact the same mention and part of another alias?



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can you post a screenshot?

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ok, I get it now. This is something we should think about.
I am not sure this is necessarely a bad thing and the fix is not straightforward.

I am gonna move this to feature requests and rename this topic.

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Thanks… It really pollutes the results when many of the terms are like this, but thanks for taking it into consideration. maybe it’s a toggle that can be turned on/off in the result window, to omit the shorter instance if the longer instance is already shown, or something like that. cheers.

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