Handling citations in refactored notes?

This seems elementary enough that I’m sure it’s been tackled before, but I couldn’t seem to pull anything up via search. How do you handle the maintenance of citation when refactoring notes?

For instance, I have a note I’ve created where I’ve taken notes from a given book. The note contains the source information about the book itself (title, author, publisher, etc.). Within the note I have a series of blockquotes where I’ve indicated the page numbers. As long as these quote blocks stay within this note, I obviously know where they came from – the indicated page of the book the note is labeled with.

Now if I refactor this note, though, and split off all the sections into separate notes, they have the page number but not the book title.

What does your workflow look like for maintaining this? Should I be writing the book title into every blockquote from the start, even though that initially means I may have it repeated dozens of times within the same note? When you refactor, do your newly-created notes have the book title appended to their titles?

What’s the lowest-friction way to address this?

I keep the original source note rather than breaking it up. If I want info from it elsewhere in my notes, I copy it and link back. (In practice I don’t currently copy much stuff out into my regular notes but that’s how I do when I do.)

An alternative to this that doesn’t involve duplication would be to embed.

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Yeah, I don’t often copy them out, either. I typically find it simpler to just link to sections. But some texts seem to be less tightly-integrated.