H2 by Hyphen Method: Unexpected Results

Steps to reproduce

There seems to be multiple issues with using a hyphen directly beneath text to mark it as H2; being all related I can’t see spreading them out across multiple bug reports to list the steps independently. It would likely confuse the issue.

I apologize for deviating from the template, but I think a screenshot would probably best illustrate the issue. The screenshot self documents the issues.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.3

Additional information

I’m using the default CSS.

Can you post the source of you text instead of just the screenshot? Thanks.

No problem, I believe this is what you requested.

H2 Size In Preview, but Not Editor
I have folding for headers enabled, but I'm unable to fold the text under this header in the editor.

H2 Size in Editor, but Not Preview
I'm able to fold the text below this header which uses the three hyphens. It also renders the horizontal rule in the preview in  addition to making the preceding line H2 in the editor.

H2 Size In Both, but No Horizontal Rule
I'm able to fold the text below this header which also uses the three hyphens, but it does not render the horizontal rule in the preview. I don't know why. I didn't do anything different that I did in the above example.

When doing so I noticed that the forum renders them all correctly, except for the Obsidian specific editor functions (folding).

The only problem is the one in the middle three dashes with a white-space force a horizontal bar in preview

Ahh, yes you’re correct. I see that now…

That explains why it rendered the horizontal rule, but then it should no longer be rendered as an H2 in the editor.

The first example H2 with the single hyphen should fold & display as an H2 in the editor.