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Currently all my guitar tabs (i.e., song lyrics with chord letters above the corresponding position in the text) are various bookmarks on websites like etc.

Ideally, however, I’d like to have them all in a similar format in Obsidian. What would be a god way to achieve that?

What somewhat works is to use a codeblock and just copy/paste the tabs from the website. The monospace font ensures that the chord letters are in the correct positions above the lyrics.

However, when the lines are too long for the window (e.g., when you shrink the Obsidian window, or look at the file on mobile), this doesn’t really work anymore.

Is there a plugin or custom way around that? Something very similar would be this: markdown-it-chords: Write your lyric sheets in markdown , however I am not sure how that functionality could be added in Obsidian (still new to this).

What I’m trying to do


Have you searched the community plugins list for relevant keywords? (Settings->Community Plugins, enable community plugins if you have not, then “Browse” button). I searched “guitar” just now and got a result. I am not a guitarist, so I could not tell if it was a useful result, but hopefully you will have luck when you search.
If you find something you like, please report back to help out future guitarists! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion! Yeah I have done that; as far as I can see, there is only the plugin “jTab”, which doesn’t really have that functionality I am looking for.

There is also one called Scales and Chords, which also just uses codeblocks (and therefore has the same issue with shrinking the window).

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