Group separation in dataview groupby rows

setting: dataview groupby tags
any idea how to customize the css to separate the grouped elements with more space or with a line. (currently there is no separation)

Maybe you need to explain more:

  • the query
  • the actual results
  • the desired output

Then we can see if you need any css or if that can be solved in the query code.

query like this:

TABLE WITHOUT ID Tags AS "Status", AS "Files" 
FROM "Folder"
FLATTEN file.etags AS Tags 
FLATTEN + " (" + file.size + ")" AS fileSize
WHERE contains(Tags, "#group") 
SORT file.size DESC 


horizontal line between the group1 and group2
or if not possible - increased spacing

thanks for helping!

Oh. That isn’t solved by query, it’s a css thing.
What’s your theme?
For example, Minimal theme has a defined css class for that.

I use minimal theme

Then you can use the style settings to define a permanent option or a css class with cssclass: row-lines in frontmatter to apply the lines only to all tables in the current note.

See Minimal theme guide: Tables - Minimal Documentation

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