Group paragraphs or lists into a block

The most natural place for me to jot down my thoughts and journal entries is in Daily Notes, and I’m trying to see how I can use tags or backlinks to then see all these thoughts and journal entries in one place.

Looking at several other posts here and Obsidians’s help docs, blocks are separated by empty lines, so this means if I have a multi paragraph journal entry then I would need to tag each and every paragraph.

Is there a way to group different blocks together and then tag that block? And if such tagging works, what is the best way to see all tagged entires on one page?


markdown by design will group by the header. obsidian help also mention about it as section (text between two headers) here Search

but i don’t know a way to retrieve that again to see all the contents under that said header.

i do however, use bullet list (with parent-child concept) to tag projects and refer back those child subbullets from either backlink or obsidian query with query control nothingislost/obsidian-query-control

but if u don’t need to show content by default or u fine with having to hover over the backlinks and see the content as popup, then there’s no need to have the embedded query

title: test embed block with query
context: true
renderMarkdown: true

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