Group links within canvas

Use case or problem

Currently it is very helpful to use the “Jump to group” command within canvas, but it can be a slower process and difficult to remember group names when you have many. Often times I have canvases set up in such a way that I will often want to quickly navigate from a specific node in the canvas to just one or sometimes a few different groups.

Proposed solution

Allow for the ability to create links to groups. I would be okay with however this might be accomplished. I imagine there may already be some existing syntax in other software for similar functionality that might be a logical choice, but I am unaware of them.

Current workaround (optional)

I can add an adjacent card reminding me of the group name/names that are relevant to allow for easier navigation. Possibly, I could set up a macro to copy the selected group name from one of these cards, run the Jump to group command, paste the group name, then press enter. However, I haven’t tried this yet.

Another option is to create canvas connection lines, and use the “Go to target/source” commands. The downside is that these lines will make the canvas a lot more busy and chaotic. This is especially true since the use case is mainly in situations where the destination group is quite far away.

Related feature requests (optional)

Here is a relevant request that specifically asks for this same functionality but from within notes. Technically, I guess if that request were implemented, in the canvas you could embed notes with the group links, and utilize them. Canvas: Link to a group / a selected section / a card from Canvas inside a note


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