Group Hotkeys together by source

Many plugins prefix their hotkey setting with a plugin but there are times where I’m not sure if the hotkey in question is from a plugin or from the base installation (esp new features I haven’t read up on yet)

Example: Pin note. I don’t know if this is from one of the plugins that I’ve aspirationally installed and hope to use or if it’s a new feature.

Grouping hotkeys together while keeping the “one big list” would be a good way to sort out all the hotkeys. Modded Minecraft has a mod that does this and it seems to work well.

You can try the obsidian-keyboard-analyzer. It is still in Beta, but it works great. You can see a virtual keyboard, show duplicate key bindings, and display the command which is bound to the key (which includes the underlying “binder” of the key). For example, if the Templater plugin has a command bound to a key, it will something like:

And all the Templater bindings are grouped together.

Here’s the link:

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Another workaround to show hotkeys per plugin: GitHub - pjeby/hotkey-helper: Easily see and access any Obsidian plugin's options pane or hotkey assignments (including conflicts) from the Community Plugins tab

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