Great number of empty notes

I often create links, without creating notes. So there are empty notes, that are supposed to be written later. It would be convenient to see them in one place, so is there any option to gather them? For example, some folder for only empty notes if created, or a note with the list of them?

Screenshot 2021-11-21 at 05.21.41

If you Install the Dataview plugin and enable Javascript queries, the following script will show all links pointing toward non-existing files.

I found this snippet on this forum, but I cannot remember where or who wrote it.

let d = {}
function process(k, v) {
  Object.keys(v).forEach(function (x) {
    x = dv.fileLink(x);
    if (d[x]==undefined) { d[x] = []; }
	.forEach(([k,v]) => process(k, v));
dv.table(["Non existing notes", "Linked from"],
         Object.entries(d).map(([k,v])=> [k, v.join(" • ")]))

Also, a plugin called Find Unlinked Files can find unresolved links and create a note with links to click and create them when needed.

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You culd use the option ‘Default location for new notes’ and move the notes later on, when you have written them.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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