Graph Visual Hierarchy

Use case or problem

When using the local graph view, you have the option to select the depth, up to level 5. The problem is, there’s no visual differentiation between the levels.

Proposed solution

By graph visual hierarchy I mean having the option to visually distinguish between level 1 and the rest.

Two ideas:

Option for levels 2 or higher to be displayed faded. So if I select level 2 or higher, only level 1 would be in focus.

Option for levels 2 or higher to be displayed faded with different levels of fading. So if I select level 2 or higher, only level 1 would be in focus, level 2 would have 80% opacity, level 3 60% opacity, level 4 40% opacity, level 5 20% opacity.


Related feature requests:

  • Based on title, readers might look rather for Adding A Tree Chart Graph View
    I want to find this one when searching for (title): “Style nodes by distance from active/central/selected node”. I associate hierarchy with “vertical” relationships, I do not consider distance from current file to be a hierarchy, I would suggest to edit the title so that it represents content of the request.

  • Exclude current file from graph views

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I love the idea!

Obsidian Release v0.8.10 says:

Local graph nodes are now in decremental size from closest to farthest.

Does it solve your use case?

There are multiple ways of visualizing hierarchy: size, opacity, color. Maybe there could be more than one? One might choose to use one, or more than one at the same time.

this is a great request, like you said @danitrusca things like size, opacity, color are great ways to differenciate. Ideally being able to choose one would be amazing, but if only one must be chosen I’d vote for color.


Here’s a little recording of my graph from org-roam server (a package for emacs), which makes full use of color

This is a graph of my zettelkasten notes published with Obsidian Publish


Is that with the Neo4j plugin?

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unfortunatly it’s not. It’s a whole different package in an app called emacs. I shared it for reference to see what I’d hope would be possible for the future of the graph in Obsidian.

I made a review post here. Perhaps you will be interested: Graphviz or hierarchical graph layout: a review and plugin proposal