Graph View opens and closes weirdly

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have two panes open (my right pane was a linked preview of the left one)
  2. Use the ⋮ menu on the left pane to → Open local graph

Expected result

Graph to show up somewhere in the window in a pane wide and tall enough to at least show it at a zoomed out level, with the pane having at least the minimum width of a pane to show its title and buttons at the top.

Actual result

Graph pane opens in very thin pane that does not contain title, pane buttons, or show a usable graph whatsoever:


  • Operating system: macOS 10.15.6 (Catalina)
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.15

Additional information

  • Upon trying to resize the graph pane, that pane immediately jumps to the minimum width of a pane;
  • The weirdly thin pane result is not consistent; sometimes I get a normal pane with a visible and usable graph. It seems more easily reproducible when my two panes are noticeably different widths;
  • After closing the graph pane, the two remaining panes do not return to their prior positioning/sizing. At all.

Can you post a gif or video?

Sure! :slight_smile: I recorded a video with audio, me describing the issues.

Since Discourse does not support videos, and even zips are limited to 4MB, here’s an imgur link (EDIT: seems the first couple of seconds got clipped, but I started with a centered pane split and then opened local graph):


Will be fixed in 0.9

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