Graph view on iPad not showing up completely

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I keep Obsidian open on my MacOs and keep the graph view open on the iPad(I pay for Obsidian sync). The current problem is that only 2/3 of the screen is occupied by the graph view, whereas the rest is completely blacked out. I don’t know if it is a bug or if I am making a mistake.

Having the full graph view on my iPad and using the pencil helps to interconnect more notes and form insights, and utilizing only 67% of the space seems suboptimal.

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Can you share a screenshot? Does it happen with custom CSS themes turned off?

Hey, I am not using any custom CSS themes(as far as I know, is there a way to check this?). I do use a bunch of the popular community plugins.

PS: Thanks for the quick revert, I love Obsidian, and using it on iPad with pencil to navigate the graph view is just kickass!

Hard to say then. I guess I’d test plugins. One way to quickly narrow down a problem plugin is to turn half off at a time. Then if one half is still bad, test half of that, etc.

Do you have “Sliding Panes” installed? It looks like it in your screenshot. Maybe test turning that off first, since that one modifies how panes move horizontally.

Hey @rigmarole , that worked! Thanks for your insight.
Disabling the sliding pane plugin removed the issue. But I quite enjoy the sliding pane plugin, is there a way to notify the Sliding pane leads on this particular issue from here?

You’re welcome. I would suggest logging an issue on the plugin’s Github repository. You can always find that link on the page of each plugin in Obsidian. Issues · deathau/sliding-panes-obsidian · GitHub

Just kindly remember that community plugins are developed for free, so support won’t be guaranteed.

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