Graph View needs usability improvements

Use case or problem

I am using an obsidian vault which is synced between different devices through git (by using the obsidian-git addon). The different devices have different screen sizes and resolutions. Thus you use different zoom settings on the mouse wheel when you open the graph as the entry-point for your “obsidian notes spider”.

I normally open obsidian on the next work day and want to start with the graph view to choose a note. Then I often dont see anything on the screen: either because the spider is out of the viewable area (not centered) or because the zoom factor setting is very small or very large and you dont see the whole picture.

Proposed solution

The graph should always re-start with a standard default zoom setting at 100% and always centered. Moreover, a separate button (aside from the current “standard settings” in the tab) would be useful, to re-set both the graph zoom factor and the center position on request.

Current workaround (optional)

None. Just searching/playing until you see something - this is really annoying …

Related feature requests (optional)


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