Graph view - Improvement to button "Restore default settings"

Use case or problem

When using the graph-view and playing with the filter, it is TOO EASY to restore the settings BY MISTAKE, thus loosing all the filter settings which take a considerable effort to make. The source of the problem is that the icon for “restoring the configuration” has two issues:

  1. Misleading → It resembles the “refresh” functionality
  2. Misplaced → Such drastic functionality does not need to be right beside the area where users fiddle with the inputs to the filter

Proposed solution

  1. At least, change the icon to something different, for example, a crossed cogwheel, or some other thing that does not resemble “retry” or “refresh”
  2. Please consider either moving that functionality to another place, such as the bottom part of the filter, or at least add a confirmation popup so that users realize what is about to happen

Thank you very much for this amazing tool and forum!

How about a trash icon?