Graph view goes blank

What I’m trying to do

Graph view opens and for a split second I can see all the dots and lines populate but then the window goes blank. Local graph view works fine. I just got a new computer but the issue is replicated on this computer as well.

Things I have tried

•I launched Obsidian in restricted mode, which disabled all community plugins, to no avail.
•If I create a new vault, graph view works fine. I think the issue is in my existing vault.
•I found another user post this same problem but there was no solution provided in the post as user said that the problem mysteriously solved itself.
•I’m on a brand new windows 11 pro computer using a fresh install of Obsidian

Click the gear icon at the top corner of your graph.

Do you have a filter set?

That was the problem. I didn’t notice that the filter field had something typed into it. This must have happened when I imported a template structure

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