Graph view "crashing" (freezing and hiding notes)

Im not sure how to upload relevant data but:

i downloaded Obsidian last week.
my instalation is very new.
i did not install any plugin and not edit any settings yet.

all i used was the notes, the graph view and linking fellow notes with [[not name here]].

i use Obsidian for world building and currently create a note for each town.
i also link every town other towns they trade with to use the graph view as a make shift map.

the individual Notes use no furthe features, but the town i added last before crashing was the 3rd alternative route to get to a destination.
so there are loops in my map.
just noting this in case its important.

it usually takes a few seconds until it “crashes” (i assume) when suddenly a few notes dissapear and i cant move any notes until i re-open the graph view

(attaching an immage of how the “Astra” note is missing despite being linked in the “creegsville” note)

if there are any questions, please ping me on discord as Romu Lichdevoihr for the fastest speed response.

Edit 1:
the crashe seem to be less frequent if a note doesnt [[name]] to itself.
the last note i added did that.

I am not sure what you mean by “it crashes”. Can you post a screen recording?
Do you get errors in console? ctrl-shift-i and console tab?

You didn’t provide the debug info. Command Palette → Show Debug Info.

im sorry that this is as a gif, but all it takes is a few secondes and the view cant be controlled anymore

the exact error is:
78c63316:0x925 Uncaught RuntimeError: float unrepresentable in integer range
sadly, the javascript is already stripped of all variable names, so this might not be as helpful

here is the debug info btw

Thanks. That is weird.

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so, just an update as i still continue to enter values into my vault:
the crash seems to only happen when i set the forces in the graph view to the minimum.
“Link Distance” seems to be irrelevant, but when i set the other 3 forces to zero (at the same time) it crashes fairly quickly

I’m hitting this today, too. What’s worth noting is that this doesn’t seem to be bound to system size, on my main vault with 21 nodes I’m reproducing this every single time I’m changing the 3 forces to 0 and slightly change the link distance, but on my sandbox vault I haven’t been able to reproduce this with any configuration. Maybe it’s also somehow linked to the timestamp correlations between notes.

I would focus on identifying the plug in that is causing this, since it does not happen in the sandboxed vault.

this is not caused by any plugin. i never downloaded any and i still get this 100% reliably.

Can confirm that this issue still persists today, exactly as described. Changing forces to 0 and moving nodes around causes crashing where the graph does not allow you to move the nodes.

Clearing console and trying to recreate the error ends up in the following error:

Uncaught RuntimeError: float unrepresentable in integer range

This was achieved in vanilla without any plugins.