Graph view click not working properly in side pane

Steps to reproduce

  1. Click “Open graph view”
  2. Drag the Graph view panel into the Side Panel (which also contains Outline, Tag pane and Backlinks).
  3. Try to open a note from within the Graph View

Expected result

Hover over note in Graph view should highlight the note / allow to click on the note to open it (this works fine when Graph view is a separate panel outside of the Side panel).

Actual result

Hovering over note has no effect, except for very specific locations (e.g., top left, slightly over note; location varies however, making it nearly impossible to open a note).


  • Operating system: MacOs BigSur
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.19

Additional information

Issue occurs only when Graph view is inside the Side pane (that also contains outline/tag pane/backlinks).

Why it matters: Having the Graph view in the side pane allows me to quickly jump to different notes while keeping my Graph view open.

Please post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault.

Thank you for the quick reply @WhiteNoise! Do you mean like this? obsidian://open?vault=Obsidian%20Help&file=graph%20view%20in%20side%20pane

No, I mean use a screen recording program to record you having this problem on the help vault. I can’t reproduce your problem.


Ah that makes more sense. Turns out the issue seems to be the theme “Traffic Lights”, and I see there is already an issue on github: Graph node are misaligned · Issue #6 · elliotboyd/obsidian-traffic-lights · GitHub. graph_view_traffic_lights

I’ll mark this topic as solved and add a link to gitlab, thanks for your help on how to debug!

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