Graph view - can't see folders, only notes show as orphans

Hi I am new here, I love it so far but still trying to organize myself and convert notes.
I cannot figure out how to show folders with notes inside them as nodes in the graph view. I feel like a fool, but all my notes across all folders appear as orphan nodes. I can toggle on Tags in the filter menu and see my tags all connected across individual notes.

I would love there to be larger nodes as folders with smaller ones webbing to those with are their nested notes. It would be nice that when I link a note in another note, this link would show up in graph view.

Is there some setting I’m missing? thanks for help, please if possible include clear instructions since I’m learning still how to use this all.

Obsidian doesn’t show folders in the graph. You can manually shift select all the notes in a folder and drag and drop them into a designated note. This will automatically add links to all the files you had selected, thus showing this as a hub (of increased size) on the graph. However, you will need to update this note as you add more notes to the folder.

Another option is to use this plugin: Waypoint - Automatically generate content maps of your folders!

You may also want to look at this topic: Create a graph based on the folder structure

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Dataview plugin although it doesn’t affect the graph. Good luck!

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Thanks so much, I’ve got Folder Note and Zoottelkeeper (instead of Waypoint) now and they work great for me. Exactly what I was looking for. So many excellent plugins out there! exploring them now.

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