Graph View: Can we make closable selection boxes for tag filter function?

If the filter function in graph view operated similar to the groups function that would be so great and super simple.

I’d like to enter a tag then hit enter and have it as a filter item. Then I could enter another; and another, and so on. Active tags filter the graph could be seen listed below the search box with X’s to the side of them (similar to how the ‘Groups’ function works).

This would make it fast and simple to search the graph according to tags. Currently it is not intuitive (i’m sorry I may just be dumb, but it should be so simple even dumbies such as myself could use the filter function.)

Use case or problem

I just want a fast, simple filter operation that allows me to do multiple filtrations quickly in order to gain insights over my PKMS and identify connections.

Proposed solution

Filtering tags (in this example) could work as follows.

  1. IN FILTERS >> Tag: #enter_tag_here
  2. Hit enter to create a tag search item
  3. Tags are listed in boxes below search bar with a little ‘x’ on them.
  4. Remove tags by clicking ‘x’

Related feature requests (optional)

This forum might also benefit from integrating this into the ‘feature requests’ search filter. I wanted to search for ‘graph view’ AND ‘tags’ but couldn’t work out how…

Thanks for reading and my apologies if this has been submitted already.

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